Our Collective Becoming

Embodied Community | Collective Liberation

What is Our Collective Becoming?

Our Collective Becoming is a collaborative team passionate about our commitment to the ethics and politics of en conjunto (togetherness). We are scholars, activists, community organizers, politicized theologians and healers, social change agents, and strategy-minded people situated in the hybrid space of church, social change, and the academy. We are a multiplicity of humans who have engaged one another to bridge radical differences.

What Makes This Space Different?

Our dream for this space affords us the opportunity for a series of online facilitation in which we encourage strong relationships among our members. As hosts, we commit to bringing our full selves through trauma-informed embodiment practices, storytelling/re-storying ourselves, digital dialogue/witnessing, and a call to purpose through critical analysis. In doing this, we hope to equip this community with the tools necessary to grow and create change within your own arenas.

We understand that social healing is an ongoing process at which we do not necessarily “arrive” but rather that is unfolding over time. This community will allow a continuous unfolding of content that bridges the current social landscape and the traditions we’ve inherited. We will offer you several points of entry into this work:

  • Engagement

  • Frequent Meditations

  • Live Streams and Video Content

  • Community & Themed Circles 

  • Embodiment and Somatic Events and Resources

  • Courses and Curriculum

  • Communication & Direct Messaging, and

  • Access to other OCB resources

Community Ethics of Engagement:

Like all online communities, we will be communicating almost exclusively in written form. It isn't lost on any of us that this medium can mistranslate emotion, remove nuance and create confusion. We are committed to honest and open communication, asking that you are as well. 

Is Engagement Free?

Yes! And no. We want this community to be accessible to you and anyone you would like to share it with. We also believe that there are aspects of our work that warrants compensation. You will find that much of the content you are looking for is easily accessed without a payment requirement. There will be other times where we partner with experts or offer courses that will require a small investment. 

Your ability to participate in this work is essential. If you find that any of our fees limit your capacity to participate, please let us know and we will work with you on an alternative.